Just months after being taught how to call 911 for help, a Rockdale County girl was put to the test.


Elisha Powers turned 4 years old on Monday but she was only 3 years old last Thursday when she stepped up to call 911 for her father, saving his life.


Shawn Powers was home alone with his two young daughters, trying to cut down a tree in his backyard when he accidentally sliced his right wrist with a machete.


"I hit it twice and something kind of got my attention and I hit it swung again. And that's when I hit my wrist," said Shawn Powers.


Holding his injured arm with one hand, Shawn Powers walked to the front yard to ask Elisha to call 911.


"My only option is I got to see if she remembers what I told her. I told her to get the phone out of my back pocket and dial 911," said Shawn Powers.


Unable to use either hand as he used one to keep pressure on the other, Shawn Powers knew he needed to stay calm for his daughters.


"I have two little girls with me. They're pretty scared. My 4-year-old is actually holding the phone for me," Shawn Powers told the 911 operator.


Shawn Powers and his wife always hoped Elisha would be there to look out for her little sister in life, never imagining she'd actually end up looking out for the entire family.


"There was brief moment when I was thinking this is bad enough that I could die. The girls came to my mind and I was like, 'I can't,'" said Shawn Powers.


Shawn Powers can't thank his daughter enough. It's even something he managed to do while hanging onto to life with the operator.


"Thank you Elisha. Elisha you're being very brave," Shawn Powers said to his daughter during the 911 call.


Shawn Powers severed four tendons in his right hand.


Power said he's expected to make a full recovery in six months but does not have medical insurance to cover his bills.


The family has set up a Give Forward account to help raise money for medical bills, which can be accessed by clicking here.