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A Few Georgia Facts They Never Taught You In School

A Few Georgia Facts They Never Taught You In School
Posted June 19th, 2014 @ 7:44am


- The Varsity in Atlanta serves more Coca-Cola than any other single restaurant in the world. It's only fitting because the drive-in is located just a few blocks away from Coke's world headquarters.


- The Peach State produces a lot more peanuts, blueberries and pecans than it does peaches.


- Georgia contains no natural lakes of any significant size. All the major lakes in Georgia are man made.


- But it does contain the largest swamp in North America—the Okefenokee.


- Only one county in the state is named after a woman—Hart County. Nancy Hart was a Revolutionary War heroine.


- Atlanta's most common nickname was once "The City In A Forest," and it still has the most tree cover of any major U.S. metropolitan area.


- The University of Georgia was the first public university in the U.S. It received a charter from the state in 1785.


- Today, more major motion pictures are filmed in Georgia than in Hollywood.


-  Atlanta's most famous street—Peachtree—is named after an old Creek Indian community called "Standing Peachtree," which is a misnomer due to bad translation. Peachtree really meant "pitch" tree, aka pine tree.


- Macon has more cherry blossom trees than any other city in the world, including Washington D.C.




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