Josh Elliott called the NBC Sports Deal too good to pass up


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The question everyone wants to know – why is Josh Elliott REALLY leaving “Good Morning America?” The speculation is that it was all about money, but that can’t be right. Josh reportedly asked ABC for $10 million dollars a year, and they only came up with $5 million. NBC, on the other hand, offered $4 million dollars. Elliott told People that there were two great offers on the table and he felt like he made the best one.

You’ll recall that Josh was with ESPN before he signed on for “GMA” in 2011. He said, “I have always wanted to be part of an Olympics broadcast, and the opportunity to cover sports that captivate America was too good to pass up.” Look for him to play a variety of roles, including covering the Olympics, the NFL and the Triple Crown. First up, the Kentucky Derby in May. But don’t look for him on “Today” for at least six months.

And if you’re wondering, Josh says his decision, “wasn't at all about anyone or anything at ABC.” He even denied being jealous of Robin Roberts’ lucrative deal – estimated at about $14 million a year. He has nothing but good wishes for his soon-to-be former co-workers.




JUSTIN BIEBER: Miami DUI Case Going Away

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It's looking like Justin Bieber is going to get nothing more than a slap on the wrist in his Miami DUI case. The singer was charged with DUI, resisting arrest and driving without a license but Bieber's lawyers found a lot of discrepancies in the charges, especially the DUI. Prosecutors are now said to be easing up on the charges and making Bieber an offer he can't refuse. Under the deal, Bieber would plea no contest to reckless driving and be put on probation for a year. And perhaps the most important part of the deal, prosecutors will forget about their demand for Bieber to be randomly drug tests. (TMZ)