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• "Godzilla" (PG-13): The world’s most revered monster is reborn in a powerful story of human courage and reconciliation in the face of titanic forces of nature, when the awe-inspiring Godzilla rises to restore balance as humanity stands defenseless. Starring: Aaron Johnson, Bryan Cranston, Elizabeth Olsen, Juliette Binoche, Ken Watanabe, Sally Hawkins

• "Million Dollar Arm" (PG): In a last ditch effort to save his career as a sports agent, JB Bernstein concocts a scheme to find baseball's next great pitching ace. Hoping to find a young cricket pitcher he can turn into a major league baseball star, JB travels to India to produce a reality show competition called "Million Dollar Arm." With the help of a grumpy retired baseball scout he discovers two 18-year-old boys who have no idea about playing baseball, yet have a knack for throwing a fastball. Hoping to sign them to major league contracts and make a quick buck, JB brings the boys home to America to train. As the boys learn the finer points of baseball, and America, JB, with the help of his friend Brenda, learns valuable life lessons about teamwork, commitment and what it means to be a family. Starring: Jon Hamm, Alan Arkin, Bill Paxton, Lake Bell, Aasif Mandvi




Celebrity Body Parts Worth Way More Than the Million Dollar Arm


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Here’s a rundown of some celebrity body parts that are worth way more than a cool million. The feel-good movie Million Dollar Arm, starring Jon Hamm, is now in theaters. But a million dollars is chicken feed when it comes to the insurance policies some celebrities have taken out on their body parts.

Here’s a rundown of some celebrity body parts that are worth way more than a cool million:

•Keith Richards’ Middle Finger – $1.6 million

•Bruce Springsteen’s Vocal Cords – $6 million

•Tom Jones’ Chest Hair – $7 million

•Jennifer Lopez’s Butt – $27 million

•Mariah Carey’s Legs – $1 billion