Mariah Carey Un-Retouched


  (Photo: Twitter/@DailyMailCeleb)

We all know that Mariah Carey is heavily photoshopped in magazines and on her album covers, and now we know just how much goes into making her look good. Jezebel got a hold of pre-photoshopped images of Mariah from a Terry Richardson shoot for “Wonderland” magazine that show the computer trickery used on the singer. In one shot Mariah’s boobs clearly look bigger, her jawline is slimmed and her tan is made darker. In another pic volume was added to her hair, creases in her neck were removed and tears in the dress she was wearing were filled in. And next time you're jealous of Mariah's slim frame remember this - her waistline was pulled in for every single shot! Of course it’s no surprise Mariah would want to do whatever she can to look better and younger. Earlier this year she posted a photo from 1997 and tried to pass it off as one from the present. And this isn’t the first time Jezebel has revealed the truth behind celebrity photographs. Earlier this year they paid $10,000 for un-retouched photos from Lena Dunham’s "Vogue" spread. (The Mirror, Jezebel)







THE VOICE: Family Affair


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Bush front man Gavin Rossdale will serve as a mentor on the upcoming season of The Voice. The choice isn't that surprising, since Rossdale's wife Gwen Stefani is doing her first stint as a coach on the show. He tells Access Hollywood, "It's a lot of pressure … That's their whole life right this moment! So I felt really responsible. The main thing, from my perspective, is just to make sure that Gwen is so good and excellent like all the other judges on the show. It’s just sort of to not interrupt and to normally let her speak, let her do her thing, and I’m just like a side thing." The next season of The Voice debuts on NBC on September 22nd.