SHARK WEEK: Shark Fun Facts


(Photo: Discovery Channel)


Here are some fun facts about sharks to get you in the mood for The Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, which kicks off on Sunday:

- The main reason fishermen kill sharks and take their fins is to supply the demand for shark fin soup, which many people mistakenly believe gives them sexual potency.

- Most sharks live in shallow water, close to shore, because that’s where most of the food is.

- The fastest shark is the mako, which can reach speeds up to 60 miles per hour.

- Shark meat contains dangerously high levels of mercury and other heavy metals.   

- Sharks really don’t like to eat humans because we’re too bony. They’d much rather have a fat seal for dinner.

(Source: Epicurious)





Who's Really Being Considered for "The View?"

 (Photo: ABC)


Now that Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd have come to the end of their days on “The View,” the short list of replacements is emerging. According to Yahoo! TV, the majority of the women on the list have backgrounds in either sports or politics. Here’s a look at the ladies:


1.Lauren Sanchez, co-host on KTTV Fox-11's “Good Day LA” and “Ten o'clock News.” Previously lost a spot on “The View” in 1999 to Lisa Ling. Recently appeared as a guest-host on the show.


2.October Gonzalez, married to former NFL player Tony Gonzalez. He's currently a studio analyst for “The NFL Today.” Although October doesn't have any entertainment experience — she was working at a bar owned by Dennis Rodman in Newport Beach when Tony met her —she's now represented by her husband's manager.


3.Republican adviser Ana Navarro, has appeared on “Meet the Press,” “Real Time With Bill Maher,” and guest co-hosted “The View.”


4.CNN contributing legal analyst Sunny Hostin, who also guest co-hosted on “The View” a number of times.


5.Conservative political commentator S.E. Cupp, a three-time guest co-host on “The View,” she has made several appearances on “Crossfire,” “Real Time With Bill Maher,” and “Hannity.”


6.Bloomberg Television's managing editor and news anchor Stephanie Ruhle, a recent guest co-host on “The View.”


7.ESPN and ABC's Sage Steele, hosts Friday and Sunday evening broadcasts of NBA Countdown. She has co-hosted several times on ABC's “The View” this year.


8.ESPN's Jemele Hill, co-host of “Numbers Never Lie.” She has also appeared on “Mike & Mike,” “Rome Is Burning,” among others.


9.MSNBC's Nicole Wallace, author, and communications chief for President George W. Bush.


(Source: Yahoo! TV)