When planning a vacation we all make sure we have everything we need, from toothpaste to that new bathing suit we’d been eyeing.  But there’s one thing you may forget to check and it may just ruin your whole trip…that is if you get to go on it at all.


Recently, a growing number of travelers have had their vacations thwarted because of their passports. No, it’s not that they didn’t have one, but they didn’t know that technically, you can’t travel to some places if your passport is set to expire within six months of your travel date.


Since the United States requires foreign visitors to have passports that are valid for six months past their arrival date, other countries are now doing the same, with countries like France, Italy and Spain recently becoming sticklers about it, causing travel nightmares for U.S. citizens.


So, how do you know whether your passport will be good for travel? Well, of course you can just make sure it doesn’t expire within six months or  you can  check with the State Department, which lists passport requirements for each country on their travel advisory website. In addition, some sites like Expedia and Orbitz have also started including passport expiration restrictions, so now you have no excuse.


(Source: ABC News)