What does being a born in the summer mean to your child as they get older?


1. They might not be a CEO- Researchers looked at the birth dates of the CEOs of some major companies- only 6.1 percent were born in June, and 5.9 percent in July.


2. They're clumsier- A report in the “Journal of Sports Medicine” shares findings that children born in the fallare better athletes, sorry summer kids.


3. They're less depressed- Sunshine really does equal a sunny, happy disposition, at least according to a study published in the journal “Nature Neuroscience.”


4. They might be dyslexic- A study published by the “American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry,” says summer births account for 71% of cases of dyslexia.


5. They weigh less at birth- Bigger birth weight comes if you conceive- rather than give birth- during summer.


6. Summer baby girls are smarter- Summer-born women have more gray matter in their brains. Science says thicker gray matter makes one smarter, so the answer is yes!


7. They're wild- Researchers in Australia's found summer babies had problems with temperament, etc. But their summer is November to January, so never fear.  


8. They're at risk for celiac disease- Summer babies are introduced to solid foods in winter when viral infections are high, so there’s some risk of developing celiac disease.


9. They're optimists- When scientists asked summer-borns to respond to questions about their luck and their personality, they were more positive with their answers.


10. The have vision problems- A look at Israeli soldiers with myopia found there was a 25 percent higher chance of having trouble seeing if you were born in June or July.


11. They struggle in school- Being the youngest in the class has been linked by numerous studies from academics to being bullied.


(Source: The Stir)