If your kid turns out to be a little monster, it’ll probably be your fault. So, if you want to make sure your kid doesn’t turn out to be a bratty demon spawn? Here are some things you should teach them to ensure that they reach maximum politeness:


1. Address adults with "Sir" or "Ma'am."- Calling an adult by name is even better! 


2. Make a proper introduction. - Have them look in the other person's eyes and smile. Shake hands and say, "It's nice to meet you.” It’s good practice for when they’re adults.


3. Say "Excuse me" or "Pardon me" when cutting off or bumping into others in public. - It’s the first step in learning how to take responsibility for your mistakes.


4. Offer to carry packages/purchases for an adult. - "Whether it's mom, grandma, seeing someone struggle with a package is an opportunity to offer assistance," says Dianne Daniels, a coach at TheDivaStyleCoach.com.


5. Say "You're welcome" instead of "No problem."- Saying “no problem” implies that it could have been a problem to help. 


6. Greet people properly. - Most kids avoid adults at all costs, so this skill is definitely essential. It gives them a jump on their networking ability. 


7. Use proper phone greetings. - Teach them to say “hi, this is ____, can I speak to ____?”


8. Say, “Thank you for dinner Mrs. Smith, it was great,"after eating at someone else's home. - Bonus points if they offer to wash the dishes.


9. Give up your seat for someone on a bus or subway. - Politeness toward strangers goes farther than you think.


10. Don't text during dinner or any other social events. -  Kids learn the nuances of human relationships by interacting with humans - not phones!


(Source:  The Stir)