1. "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" – When Jefferson Smith is appointed to fill a vacancy in the U.S. Senate, he is quickly discouraged by the corruption he meets. Still, he is determined to fight for a democratic government – a fight that truly embodies the spirit of Independence Day.


2. "Yankee Doodle Dandy" – George M. Cohan goes from rags to riches as an entertainer in this film based on the American dream.


3. "Rocky IV" – From the flag-patterned shorts to James Brown’s performance of “Living in America,” Rocky’s showdown with his Russian opponent is as pro-America as it gets.


4. "Saving Private Ryan" – Beginning on the beaches of Normandy, this World War II flick follows an army captain’s search for the last remaining brother of a family of soldiers. Sacrifice, dedication and bravery are three American values that make Saving Private Ryan incredibly patriotic.


5. "The Patriot" - A family loss encourages Mel Gibson to join the fight in this film about the American Revolution, the war that led to the basis of Independence Day.


6. "Born on the Fourth of July" – After a Vietnam veteran is paralyzed, he becomes an anti-war crusader and demonstrates the importance of standing up for what you believe in: a truly American principle.


7. "Team America: World Police" – “America, F--- Yeah!” is the motto of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s puppet comedy about slaying terrorists. What’s more American than that?


8."United 93" – The bravery of the Americans on Flight 93 who prevented an even greater tragedy on September 11th is documented in this film, which is sure to make everyone even prouder to be an American.


9. "Field of Dreams" – Nothing is more American than baseball, and watching “Field of Dreams” on the 4th of July will remind you why.


10. "Independence Day" – It might be about an alien invasion, but Bill Pullman’s presidential speech in “Independence Day” rallied the world around July 4th as a global holiday.


(Photo: Columbia Pictures)