Former NJ Public Works Inspector Admits Stealing $460,000 In Quarters

He kept the change. The former public works inspector for a northern New Jersey town has admitted stealing $460,000 in quarters. Thomas Rica, 43, pleaded guilty Wednesday to four counts of theft. He accepted a plea deal of five years probation and agreed to pay all the money back to Ridgewood, The Record reported. Rica will not face jail time. The Hawthorne resident lost his job with Ridgewood in January 2013, following his arrest for taking $500 in coins from Ridgewood’s parking meter collection room. But investigators later determined that he stole $460,000 overall. Authorities said the thefts occurred over the course of 25 months. They said Rica, who was not authorized to be in the room, would enter a room where the collected parking meter quarters are stored and fill his pockets with money before leaving. Rica appeared in Superior Court Thursday to accept a plea deal that will see him pay part of the money back to the village, The Record reported. Rica will return the entire amount over the course of his probation, which will run five years, according to the deal, court officials said. The terms also dictate Rica can never work for another municipality, The Record reported. (CBS)


The color you wear in a job interview can make or break you

Research by Career Builder has found that orange is a color that employers associate with someone who is unprofessional.

The colors that employers recommend to get you the job are blue (23-per cent) and black (15-per cent) followed by neutrals like grey, white and brown because they do convey a sense of professionalism.

If you are vying for that CEO position then red is probably the way to go. Red reads power, so be bold and reach for that fire-engine top.

Leave that wacky tie your brother bought you at home, and unless you’re applying for a job at the circus then avoid crazy patterns. Keep your jewelry and make up simple.

That being said, know the world that you’re applying to work in. Do your research. Is it cool and laid back? Or all business? If the staff wears shorts and sandals, then turning up in a corporate skirt suit is going to put you on the wrong side of getting the job.


Flappy Bird Is Back!

The mobile app Flappy Bird will take off once again, according to a tweet from developer Dong Nguyen. The game's creator surprised fans last month by pulling it from the App Store at the height of its popularity, when it reportedly earned him 50-thousand dollars a day. Crazed fans of the game have been on eBay paying thousands for smart devices that already have Flappy Bird downloaded. Nguyen remains a bit flighty about when fans can expect the game to return, but indicates improvements are in the works and it won't be grounded forever.