Parent finds Xanax pill in child's plastic Easter egg from school

An investigation is under way in Roseville after a parent reported that her pre-school child brought home a plastic Easter egg that contained a pill, identified as Alprazolam, the generic brand for Xanax. “I’m really shocked, especially since it was a really little kid,” said Janice Terry, a parent at the school. Roseville police tell us when a child and a parent were opening eggs after the school activity at Huron Park Elementary, they found the pill inside one of the eggs. Xanax is a drug commonly used to treat anxiety and panic disorders. “For a little preschooler to bring home drugs in an Easter egg? That’s insane,” said Terry. This didn’t happen to Janice Terry’s 5-year-old, but it could have. He goes to the same school and his kindergarten class had an Easter egg hunt today. When we asked her 5-year-old what he found inside his Easter eggs today, he told us he found candy. His mom is thankful that is all he found. “Oh, he would think it was candy. Yeah, he’s not going to go, mom. He’s going to think it’s a skittle or it’s a mint or something,” said Terry. Police said the school asks for donations for Easter activities, so it’s not clear if the drug came from someone inside or outside of the school. “It is scary that it’s going around in an elementary school for sure,” said Nicole King. She lives nearby and her children used to attend Huron Park Elementary. “It’s enough if you have a problem with Xanax, but don’t bring our kids into it, it’s an elementary school, they could’ve eaten it like a piece of candy,” said Amber Ross, a parent who lives nearby the school. Police say so far this is the only drug that has been found in an Easter egg. (WXYZ)



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The Key to Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs are on many breakfast tables each morning in America – and everyone has a certain strategy when making them. One gourmet chef says the ONLY way to make them is to melt butter on a hot pan and crack the eggs directly onto the pan – and scramble the eggs there. No whisking the eggs in a bowl. And if you want to add cheese or herbs, you must do it while the eggs are still wet. (Yahoo)