Couple Forgets Pizza Delivery Tip, Leaves Awesome Note Instead

For one pizza delivery man in Oregon, a terrible tip turned into a heartwarming story. Andrew Schaffer recently received a tiny tip on a $22.67 order. But instead of getting upset, the Portland resident took the $0.33 pizza delivery tip and went on his way. The next day, Schaffer, who delivers pizzas to help pay for school, got a pleasant surprise: The couple who gave him $23, Tom and Jenn, realized they botched the math and wanted to make sure Schaffer was adequately compensated. So they handed his manager an envelope that read "To the driver who delivered our pizza last night around 9 p.m. - A thank you note." Inside, Schaffer found:

"It really made my day! Tips make up about two-thirds of my income, which pays for school for me, so I remember who tips and who doesn't," Schaffer wrote in an email to The Huffington Post. "The $20 was much appreciated, but the obvious time and effort put into making the card and hand delivering it meant even more."


Cheetos Perfume

Cheetos, the salty snack that leaves your fingers coated in cheese powder, has introduced a perfume. Cheeteau, branded as the celebrity fragrance of mascot Chester Cheetah, smells alarmingly like Cheetos: buttery, with notes of sharp cheddar, but has been balanced with a hint of lemony sweetness. "It smells like a college dorm room," said one News tester. "It's the perfect cologne — if you want dogs to chase you down the street." NYDN The problem, added one tester as he doused his wrists in the cologne, is a strong overtone of vanilla that gives Cheeteau a cloying sweetness. "What could have been an intoxicating cheese scent," he sniffed, “instead has me smelling like a dessert Cheeto." The scent was created by Demeter, the perfume company known for unusual eaus such as Dirt, Saddle, and the recent Pizza. Cheetos is giving out hundreds of bottles of the scent today in New York and L.A. as well as more than 100 bottles on Twitter.


Bratty New Jersey Teen Who Sued Parents Gets Money After All

The New Jersey teenager who made international headlines after suing her parents for child support is back in the news again. It turns out spoiled brat Rachel Canning doesn't need mommy and daddy's money after all.

The 18-year-old Lincoln Park student has won a $56-thousand scholarship to attend Western New England University in Springfield, Massachusetts. At least, that's what she wrote on her Facebook page where she also announced that she plans to study biomedical engineering.

Miss Canning left home and moved in with her boyfriend's family last fall after claiming that she was being abused by her parents. They claimed she was drinking with "that" boyfriend and cutting classes. She said she developed an eating disorder after her mom called her "fat" and "porky. Evidence proved otherwise.

You might recall that Canning dropped her lawsuit against her parents after moving back in with her family last month - after getting a serious dressing down by the presiding judge.