Man arrested for stealing, feeding son chicken wing in grocery store

A mother says police arrested her husband for stealing and feeding her son chicken wings she intended to pay for. Benjamin Cain, 30, faces theft by shoplifting and contributing to the delinquency of a minor charges. Clayton County police say it happened at the Kroger on Highway 138 near Stockbridge Wednesday. An arrest warrant indicates Cain ate an item and then gave his 7-year-old son chicken wings from the store. The warrant says he left the store without paying. Cain's wife told Channel 2's Tom Jones she and her husband and their three small kids were grocery shopping and her husband and son ate the wings while they were shopping. Anna Marie Jones says she intended to pay for the wings. She says she tried to pay for them when she realized her husband was getting arrested. "They would not let me pay for the chicken wings. No, they (wouldn’t). He went to jail over a chicken wing," she said. Jones says her husband did put the wings down and left them. She thinks that's because her 5-month-old, and1-year-old children became unruly. "Babies, you know, were crying so I told him to take them on to the car while I continued to ring up my groceries," she said. And that's when he was arrested. "I mean it was just a chicken wing. And my husband goes to jail for a chicken wing," she said. The officer charged Cain with contributing to the delinquency of a minor because he caused his son to commit a delinquent act. Jones says there was nothing delinquent about what her husband did. "I could buy all them chicken wings. I could buy all them chicken wings," Jones explained. Some customers were not happy police charged Cain with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. And others didn't think locking him up was the answer. "It's like so many innocent people go to jail," Kim Smith said. When it was pointed out that police say Cain left the store without paying for something he had eaten, Smith responded: "But did he honestly just set it down and forget about it." A judge may ultimately decide that. A Kroger spokesman says he is researching the case and hoped to give me a statement soon. Cain has bonded out of jail. (WSBTV)



Boys can do a lot of things. But one thing they're generally looked over for are coveted babysitting jobs. But websites like UrbanSitter.com are trying to change all that by encouraging families to hire "mitters" ... or male babysitters. The CEO of UrbanSitter.com hopes that more people will choose mitters in the hopes to “break down gender biases," which claim that only females are able to properly care for children. (Jezebel)


The best snack in Georgia is what?

If you’re a true Georgian, you already know it. Every carbonated drink is coke. All foods taste better fried. And saying “y’all” is perfectly fine. But pardon me, fellow Georgians. I’m just not sure we’ll all agree with Business Insider’s choice of our state’s best snack food. Not peanuts or peaches or even Waffle House hashbrowns. Nope. It’s pimento cheese. “The caviar of the South” blends cheddar cheese, pimentos, mayonnaise and spices into a nice spread. It works on crackers and sandwiches, and it’s great grilled. It’s even available on chili dogs at The Varsity. And it’s a staple at The Masters every spring in Augusta. But the top snack in Georgia? Nah. That just ain’t right. I like pimento cheese. But it’s a meal, not a snack. And it’s not even the best snack among Southern states, according to the rankings. Top snacks in neighboring states include Moon Pies in Alabama, coconut patties in Florida, Krispy Kreme donuts in North Carolina, boiled peanuts in South Carolina, and GooGoo Clusters in Tennessee. What about funnel cakes, hush puppies or even sweet tea? Clearly the writers have not spent much time here in Georgia, bless their hearts. (AJC.com)