Keith and Nicole open their hearts and raise their voices for sick kids

Friday, the 13th might have scary connotations for some people, this past Friday, it became a memory for the ages as Keith Urban and his lovely wife, Nicole Kidman, gave kids at a children's hospital in Melbourne, Australia quite a gift. The couple was back home 'down under' for a fundraising event for the 'Swisse Celebrate A Life Ball' and found time to visit the Monash Children's Hospital in Clayton. Urban and Kidman spoke to the young patients and posed for autographs. Somewhere during the speaking and picture taking, Urban found his guitar and started singing and playing “Amazing Grace,” at which point Kidman joined in and asked the crowd to do the same. It was really sweet – and you might die a little when you hear Keith and Nicole get their harmony on. Kidman makes a lot of trips to hospitals to see children and says, "It's one of the most important things I do. I have been doing it since I became well known in the movie industry." (E!)



How’s this for a sign of the times …? Couples are now putting social media clauses into their prenuptial agreements. These “social media prenups” state that couples can’t post nude or embarrassing photos that might harm each others' reputation. These agreements are especially important to anyone who has a business that relies heavily on personal branding like attorneys, real estate agents, and designers. And while social media clauses are new, prenuptial agreements are legally binding and the penalty in this case is usually monetary. (CBS News)


Trend Alert: Naked wedding cakes

They're stripped-down versions of your traditional wedding cake. And they're selling like hotcakes. So-called 'naked' wedding cakes pack such flavors as salted pretzel and 'birthday cake' and are considered works and a welcome departure from the industry standard. Momofuku Milk Bar owner Christina Tosi came up with the idea. Regarding stripping the traditional wedding cake of its regular details, she tells ABC News that she thought, "Why am I hiding all of the colorful, textural, exciting parts of being in the kitchen behind of decor? Why not challenge the norm?" These cakes can be made faster, and are ready closer to the time of the wedding. Plus, they can incorporate seasonal elements like fruit to make the pastry more special.