Delaware couple arrested for having sex in plain sight from street on top of Chipotle roof

A Delaware fast food restaurant featured a special attraction Saturday night as two people could easily be seen from the street having sex on the roof. Michael Suh, 38, and Nicole Germack, 27, were arrested by Newark police after the two were viewed by many onlookers "engaging in sexual intercourse" on the roof of a Main Street Chipotle Mexican Grill. Several people had contacted police about the bizarre scene at the front part of the Mexican food chain and when an officer arrived he told them to stop. But the couple apparently did not have enough and continued frolicking for 15 to 20 seconds, the department said. The suspects were told they were under arrest but they instead fled to Suh's apartment that was two buildings over. They were finally apprehended and charged with resisting arrest, lewdness, indecent exposure, loitering and conspiracy. The lovebirds were released from custody after posting $1,800 bond, police said. An employee at the Chipotle declined to comment on the incident. (Ny Daily News)



When we asked our dads if we could be a real princess when we were little, most of our fathers would stick a Burger King crown on our head to make it so. But when Jeremiah Heaton's six-year-old daughter asked about becoming royalty, he took a different approach. The Virginia father of three searched online for unclaimed territories around the world that he could claim as a new kingdom (thus making his daughter a real princess). And when he found a unclaimed 800-square-mile patch of desert that bordered Egypt and Sudan, he traveled there and literally planted a flag designed by his children. There are still a ton of legal hurdles Heaton will need to jump through to make this official, but he said he did it to show his kids that he would literally "go to the ends of the earth to make their wishes and dreams come true." This might seem nuts, but even we have to admit that it's also kind of sweet. (Washington Post)


It's Your Fault Restaurant Waits Are Longer

If you feel like wait time at restaurants has gone up over the past few years, you might not be wrong. According to the findings at one New York City restaurant, it's you and your smartphone's fault. MyFoxNY is reporting Market Diner on West 43rd Street and 10th Avenue was tired of the delays and getting complaints about wait time. The owners of the restaurant ordered an outside firm to investigate. The company went all the way back to 2004 and found the average time it took to get customers in and out of the restaurant was an hour and five minutes. Now, it's an hour and 55 minutes. The company found two of the reasons the wait had increased was customers asking waiters for the WiFi password before ordering and taking pictures of their food. (MyFoxNY)