NBC News Reporter Gets Stung By Hundreds Of Mosquitos On Air

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From eyeball licking to "butt chugging" (Google it), teenagers will stop at nothing to amuse themselves in all sorts of dangerously stupid ways. The newest ways some dumb teens have found to amuse themselves is by lighting themselves on fire. You heard that correctly. Dousing themselves in accelerant, setting themselves ablaze and then posting it online with the hashtag "FireChallenge" has picked up a lot of popularity lately ... and it should come as no surprise that many of these kids are landing in the hospital with second- and third-degree burns. But here is the most disheartening part ... When one kid who ended up severely burned was asked by the local news crew why he did it, he simply answered with that all-too-familiar teen excuse, “I don't know. I wasn't thinking really.” (Daily Dot)


Loofahs Are Making You Dirtier

While using a loofah might make you feel like you’re getting a deeper clean, all that exfoliating comes at a cost. In fact, you’re probably getting dirtier. Scientists put loofahs under the microscope and – surprise, surprise – there’s a lot of nasty gunk and bugs in there. Loofahs – the real ones made from actual cucumbers, not the ones made of plastic mesh – actually create the ideal conditions for bacteria. You’ve got dead skin cells, humidity, and a lack of air circulation. So every time you don’t dry your loofah properly and you use it again, you spread yesterday’s dirt all over your body. Now that’s a pleasant thought. (Huffington Post)