Soren’s saga ends; owl returns to Zoo Atlanta

A wayward barn owl that’s been AWOL from Zoo Atlanta for nearly a week has been returned to the zoo. Soren’s saga began Aug. 10 when he ran afoul of his trainers and flew away from the zoo during a flight demonstration. On Friday, member’s of the zoo’s Bird Team responded to a call about a Soren sighting. The bird was positively identified due to the leather bands on his legs. He was found on a homeowner’s porch on Farrington Avenue about a half-mile from the zoo. The Animal Management and Veterinary Teams conducted a full-body exam on the owl and found no signs of physical injury. After stretching his wings, Soren may have been trying to make his way home. According to James Ballance, the Zoo’s Curator of Birds, the bird had lost weight, appeared to be hungry, and showed signs of dehydration, but staff is optimistic that he will recover normally.


Moms Will Not Be Ignored

Moms out there, are you sick of your teen not returning your call? Well, one mom has come up with an ideal that may solve all your problems. Sharon Standifird finally had enough of her son ignoring her countless texts and phone calls when she got the idea for the app “Ignore No More” (available only for Android phones) which basically shuts down your kids phone until they call back. Once activated, a child will not be able to use their phone again to call anyone but a specific list of parent-selected contact numbers. Once they return that call (mostly likely to their nagging mom) they’ll get the password to unlock the phone. “It takes away texting, it takes away the gaming, it takes away calling their friends,” explains Standifird, adding, “The child will always be able to call 911.” Let’s hope they don’t start calling it on their parents. So far the app seems to be a big hit, at least with parents. Standifird says her son Bradley now always responds quickly to her texts, although he doesn’t seem thrilled about it. When asked about how he felt about his mom’s app he responded, “um, well, I thought it was a good idea, but for other people, no me.” We bet. Source: CBS New York



Using pepper spray to discourage an attacker is good. Using pepper spray that also takes a picture of the attacker and calls the police for you is great. A device called The Defender hit its goal of $100,000 on Kickstarter in just 24 hour hours and already has over 2,000 units on pre-order. Pepper spray has been around forever, but what really takes this safety gadget to the next level is the Bluetooth element. It photographs the assailant, sends the picture to a 24-hour monitoring system, sends your GPS coordinates to the police and has a medical needs button if you've been injured. Though we'd rather live in a world where this stuff wasn't necessary, we're happy to know about innovative products out that can help. (The Guardian)