Imagine the hangover from this! New spirit hybrid Vodquila sounds lethal but has already won a prestigious industry award

Vodka and tequila are now available together in one bottle. That's right, Vodquila is here. The next time you find yourself hugging the porcelain bowl, the people responsible could be Chander Arora and his daughter Nina. The pair came across the idea when Chander was mixing one of his evening cocktails at home in Birmingham, Alabama. His daughter Nina asked why he had never tried to combine his two favourite drinks - vodka and tequila - and the booze revolution was born. The drink tasted good enough for them to take the idea seriously. They put the mix through a proper distilling process that resulted in a product good enough for USA brand Red Eye Louie’s to place on supermarket shelves. The vodka is distilled six times, while the tequila is made from Pure Blue Agave Plants, the two drinks are then blended together in small vats, macerated together at a high temperature to achieve a smooth blend. And while it possibly won't do much for your stomach the following morning, the tipple is making waves in the drinks industry - it won a silver medal at this year's prestigious International Wine and Spirit Competition.


Why Do Women Cheat?

So get this ... Cheating website AshleyMadison.com actually spied on some of its users ... to find out what makes women cheat. Yep, Professor Eric Anderson of the University of Winchester in England, who also happens to be the “chief science officer” at Ashley Madison, looked at some 4,000 conversations that 100 women using the site were having with potential partners. “I monitored their conversation with men on the website, without their knowing that I was monitoring and analyzing their conversations,” Anderson said “The men did not know either.” Nice. The "study" found that the biggest reason women cheat is because even though they still love their husbands, they need more passion than the relationship provides. (Time)



If you attend an Atlanta Falcons game this season at the Georgia Dome, you will have the opportunity to buy alcohol-infused cupcakes. Created by the company Delights by Dawn – which advertises with the line, "Intoxicating Desserts to Warm the Soul" – the cupcakes come in 11 different flavors, including Apple Fireball Cinnamon, Chocolate Cherry Bourbon, Key Lime Margarita, and White Almond Amaretto. Give the folks at the Georgia Dome some credit … this year, it’s boozy cupcakes. Last year, it was The Game Changer, which is a pulled pork sandwich topped with mac and cheese, along with bacon and onion rings. So even if the team stinks this year, there will still be plenty of good reasons to head out to the stadium. (Fox Sports)