We want to help one of our own.....

We want to get Johnny Cook a job!

Johnny Cook was fired from after posting a message on Facebook that blasted school officials for reportedly letting a student go hungry. That middle school student told Cook that he was denied food when his lunch money account ran out.

The school system demanded that Cook remove the Facebook post and apologize or lose his job. Cook refused. He said if he had the chance, he'd do it all over again.

"I wouldn't back down one step, still won't back down one step," Cook said.

The school denies that the kid wasn't offered lunch, but it does admit Cook was fired after he refused to pull the post.

School officials have since released surveillance video that they say shows the student never tried to go through the cafeteria food line.

"We've looked at the video footage and, for whatever reason, the student did not go through the line. So I think the unfortunate thing was the school system was not given the opportunity to provide the fact," Brett Stanton, the superintendent of the Haralson County School System.

"I was terminated for standing up for a kid that didn't get it. I just want to say, hey guys are we in agreement there was a need then," Cook said.

School officials said they consider Cook's case a closed matter.


So let's help Johnny!!!

Johnny does have all licensing and requirements to drive larger vehicles and is looking for something in that department.

If you would like to help Johnny email: