I got a few surprise visitors during the show on Friday morning!  Cooper, Connor and Steve came in EARLY to bring me some Mother’s Day goodies!  I can't believe they woke up so early and came in before school!



I almost fell out of my chair when I saw THIS from D. Geller & Son Jewelers!  Yaaaaaaay!!!  A Bar Necklace!  I love it!!! 


Cooper's Card


Connor's Card


Then I got THE BEST handwritten cards! (I always want homemade cards).  Can you tell which son is my expressive child – and which is my child of very few words?!?!?  Hahahah!  Love them!




Thank you, Jason Pullman and Freckles…what a great surprise you orchestrated!


I love being a Mom to these guys (all 4 of them) Ha!