Actors and Actresses Who Say They'll Never Work Together Again Sometimes when actors work together, things go BAD.

Actors who've vowed to never work together again:

James Franco and Tyrese: Tyrese couldn't stand Franco's "method acting" on the set of the 2006 movie "Annapolis". It got so bad that Franco would hit him for real during their boxing scenes.

Alyssa Milano and Shannen Doherty: Shannen was fired from their TV show "Charmed" because of her crappy attitude. And Alyssa compared her antics to high school drama.

Kevin Smith and Bruce Willis: Kevin was a director-for-hire on the generic 2010 buddy cop flick "Cop Out". He hated the experience, partly because Bruce was "difficult". Bruce called Kevin a WHINER.

Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte: Things didn't go well on the set of their 1994 film "I Love Trouble". Julia called Nick "completely disgusting," and he retorted that Julia is, quote, "not a nice person."

William Baldwin and Sharon Stone: While they were filming the 1993 erotic thriller "Sliver", their real-life chemistry was so bad that she actually bit his tongue so hard he couldn't talk right for a few days.

Bill Murray and Lucy Liu: They had a heated exchange on the set of the first "Charlie's Angels" movie, after Bill reportedly called out her acting skills. And he had such a horrible time with her that he didn't come back for the sequel.

Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj: Their feud on "American Idol" was pretty legendary, and it really dragged the show down.

Shia LaBeouf and Alec Baldwin: When they tried to do a play together, it never even got out of rehearsals. They locked horns from the get-go, and Shia was eventually fired.

Lindsay Lohan and America Ferrera: When Lindsay made a guest appearance on "Ugly Betty" in 2008, she brought all her usual baggage and bad behavior with her. She was supposed to do six episodes, but it was cut to four.

LL Cool J and Jamie Foxx: During the filming of "Any Given Sunday", LL was so intense during a fight scene with Jamie that he kept hitting him even after the director yelled cut. So Jamie called the COPS on him. But they later reconciled.