(Photo: Flickr)

1. Popping bubble wrap

2. Trampling through snow

3. Sticking fingers in cake mix/ lick the bowl

4. Kicking piles of leaves

5. Going on a swing

6. Watching kids’ movies

7. Making silly faces

8. Building a snowman

9. Touching hot plates

10. Having a snowball fight

11. Prodding wet paint

12. Doodling in meetings

13. Running away from the sea when at the beach

14. Watching cartoons

15. Cracking through ice on puddles

16. Drawing smiley faces in the mirror

17. Playing with your hair

18. Jumping out and startling people

19. Blowing bubbles with chewing gum

20. Picking your nose

21. Being the first to push the button at a pedestrian crossing/elevator

22. Wheeling around on a trolley in supermarket

23. Splashing in puddles

24. Running/skipping for no reason

25. Having a water fight

26. Saying ‘jinx’ when someone says the same thing as you at the same time

27. Drawing faces on celebrities’ faces in magazines

28. Popping potato chip bags

29. Blowing a blade of grass

30. Slurping through your straw

31. Dressing up in fancy dress

32. Swinging like a monkey on any bar that’s around head height

33. Doing handstands/cartwheels/snow angels

34. Repeating everything a friend says to annoy them

35. Shouting “shotgun” and running for the front seat in the car

36. Not eating crusts

37. Racing to be first at anything

38. Pretending to walk downstairs ‘to the cellar’? when you’re stood behind a counter

39. Drawing on car windscreens

40. Pretending the grocery cart is a car/motorbike

41. Wishing on a star 

42. Running through a sprinkler

43. Blowing bubbles in milk

44. Going to bed with a stuffed animal

45. Rolling down a hill

46. Dressing up animals

47. Sleeping with the light on

48. Stealing someone’s hat

49. Leapfrogging bollards

50. Sliding down banisters on your butt