Seco, a 4-year-old mutt, waited outside of a hospital for his owner, Lauri da Costa, for eight days in Passo Fundo, Brazil. da Costa and Seco are homeless.

Da Costa was assaulted on March 31 when a rock was thrown at his face. While being treated in the emergency room, physicians found melanoma on his face.


Unaware of what was happening, Seco never left the front doors of the hospital as da Costa awaited unexpected surgery inside. Staff began to provide the pup with water and food outside after days passed of patiently waiting. 


Dodo reports, "After the eighth day, even though Lauri was still recovering, doctors made an exception allowing the man and his loyal dog to be reunited early -- a touching scene captured on video," as translated into English from the original local story.



(Video: youtube)