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Now that fashion month is finally over, there are a bunch of trends headed our way this fall. Here are a few according to Elle magazine.

Robe Coats – Like, big coats that look like bathrobes. • Swinging '60s - Mini skirts, knee-high boots, and accessories that look like you were an extra on Mad Men

Knit Wit – (seriously) Knit layered sweaters and pants that look like sweaters. Go to town.

Larger Than Life – Pretty much over-sized anything. Bigger sweaters, pants, and coats, the bigger the better.

Straight Jackets – Tops that pin your arms down to your body. Dexterity is so last season.

Dresses Over Pants – It's back, wearing pants and a dress.

Western – Oversized, wide-brimmed black cowboy hats. For everyone.

Muppet Babies – Brightly colored Shearling anything.

Extreme Turtlenecks - Turtlenecks that closely resemble a sock for your whole head.

Sneakers - Designers have declared sneakers as the footwear of the moment.