You’re trying to do the right thing and get in shape, but if these exercises are in your daily workout, fitness experts say you’re doing it all wrong.


1. Crunches- You know how you’re told, “bend with your knees, not with your back?” Well, that’s so you don’t hurt your spine, but every time you do a crunch you’re bending with your back over and over again.

2. The Seated Hip Abductor/Adductor Machine- It's not super-effective to just target those smaller muscle groups. A better idea; walking lunges, cross-behind lunges, step-ups - you will engage and use your inner and outer thighs, while also training your whole leg and functional movement.

3. Behind-The-Head Lat Pulldown- It requires you to have very flexible shoulders, and if you don't, you can impinge your shoulder and suffer great pain in your rotator cuff.

4. American Kettlebell Swings- If done improperly, without proper core stabilization, and solid shoulder mobility, this can lead to back and shoulder injuries.

5. Curls in The Squat Rack- You can do curls anywhere. The weight for curls is relatively light, so stop annoying everyone at the gym and leave the squat racks for people who need it…like squatters!

6. The Leg Extension Machine- First off, it’s not a movement that we do in everyday life, and it also places more stress than necessary on the back of the kneecap. This can cause big problems not only for those with existing knee pain, but also others who are predisposed to knee issues.

7. The Smith Machine- This machine does all of the balancing and stabilizing for you. It gives you a false sense of what you can actually lift. So, if you go from squatting with a Smith machine to squatting in a real-life situation you could seriously injure yourself.


(Source: Huffington Post)