It looks like your mom wasn’t trying to punish you by shoveling all those leafy greens down your gullet…she was trying to save your life. University of Texas biochemist, Nathan Bryan, agrees, adding that everyone should get at least three to five ounces of these leafy greens a day to stay healthy.



Swiss Chard- Helps stabilize blood sugar by inhibiting ­enzymes that turn carbs into simple sugars, and protects cells against cancer-causing toxins, lowers inflammation and reduces your risk for heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases.



Arugula- Helps to ­increase blood flow and therefore enhance performance of the heart, packed with flavonoids -- that fight heart disease and even some cancers, and it also prevents ulcers.



Collard Greens- The best leafy green for binding your stomach's bile acids, which can help lower your cholesterol levels and even protect you from some cancers. Also, a great detoxifier.



Bok Choy- One of the best sources of potassium, which helps build muscle and keep blood pressure low. It’s also packed with vitamin A, which strengthens the immune system by increasing white-blood-cell activity and the body's response to toxins.



Kale- A prime source of cancer-thwarting compounds called glucosinolates, as well as kaempferol, which researchers believe combats cancer and protects the heart, lowers blood sugar, strengthens bones and reduces inflammation in the body. It also helps prevent eye disease as you age.



Watercress- One cup of watercress will bump you over your recommended daily value of vitamin K, which can help regulate blood clotting and reduce plaque on artery walls and may lower inflammation linked to chronic diseases like arthritis. Eating watercress daily for two months would reduce your risk of cancer and lower your triglycerides (unhealthy blood fats) by 10 percent, according to studies.


(Source: Huffington Post)