For all the women out there who have a wedding gown taking up space in the closet but are hesitant to part with it because, let's face it, that thing wasn't exactly free ... we have an amazing idea for you to consider.

There is a non-profit group called NICU [Neonatal Intensive Care Unit] Helping Hands that collects wedding gowns so that volunteer seamstresses can turn them into "Angel Gowns."

What's an Angel Gown, you ask? It's a small gown made for babies who pass away in the NICU. To put it simply, it's something we hope you will never need.

But donating your dress to the organization that will make a beautiful, delicate garment for a little one who has passed is one less stress for a grieving family, who are often left rooting through donated clothing bins looking for something to bury their child in.

We know your dress has a lot of meaning for you. But now it can have meaning for many others as well. 


(Source: What To Expect)