Feel like you’re not getting paid as much as your male counterparts?  Well, it’s not just you.  Statistically, women are still making only 77 cents to every man's dollar, so if you’re still trying to decide which career is going to make you rich, you may want to stay away from these: 


 Education- For secondary school teachers, the discrepancy between male and female pay is 93-percent, but for education administrators, the gap falls within the top 10 jobs with the largest gender wage gap at a low 69.3 percent, according to ThinkProgress.org.  Glass ceiling, anyone?


Executives- When looking at the salaries of CEO's, women make just 69-percent of what men make. In fact, when looking at the list of top paid CEO's worldwide, no women even make the top 15.  So come on ladies, put those manicures to good use…claw your way to the top!


Administrative Assistants- Female secretaries and administrative assistants make 82.8-percent of what men do.  So basically, “Mad Men” could just as easily take place in 2014, rather than the 1960’s. 


Law- Female lawyers only make 80-percent of what a man makes in the same field, according to the AAUW. The bright side? Female lawyers have a median weekly earnings of $1,631…plus, they’re better prepared to sue for wage discrimination!


Finance- Financial managers make just 70-percent of what a man makes, and personal financial advisers have one of the widest wage gaps of all - women make only 61.3-percent of what men make.


Health Care- Female doctors make just 63-cents to male doctors, according to an analysis by Bloomberg.  A stat like that is enough to give you a heart attack…which will be treated by an underpaid female doctor. 


(Source:  Yahoo!)


(Photos: Flickr)