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Pantone may have named radiant orchid as the official color of 2014, but plain old gray has proven to be the most abundant color of the decade thus far. A recent article in the Guardian points to the rising sales and popularity of all things gray, from T-shirts to underwear to designer fashion. Typically, the key trends of each decade come to light around halfway through, notes the publication, and it's a safe bet to call heather, slate, dove, gunmetal, ash, and perhaps 50 other shades of gray the "it" color of the '10s. Why gray? It's extremely versatile, it's flattering on every skin tone, and it's a go-to hue during times of recession. "From a psychological standpoint, there is the idea that gray – the color of granite, rock and stone – is very stable," Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of color analysts for Pantone told the paper. But safe doesn't mean boring.