They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. Well, it looks like togetherness makes the butt grow bigger. This according to Andrea Meltzer, a psychologist at Southern Methodist University, whose study last year found that satisfied newlyweds gain more weight in the first four years of marriage than those who are less happy with their unions.


So how do you broach the subject of losing weight when you notice you’ve both gotten a little tubby? Charlotte Markey, a professor of psychology at Rutgers University, suggests voicing your concerns gently. For example, say, “I’m worried about my health, are you worried about yours? What can we do together?” Not only will you avoid being the “bad guy,” you’ll avoid being the “fat guy.” 


And if you’re the one embarking on a healthy lifestyle change, talk with your partner about your plans and suggest ways he or she can support you – like keeping the kitchen cookie-free or by joining you on weekly bike rides. And, be clear that while your shared routines might change, it’s no reflection of how you feel about your partner or the relationship.


(Source:  Psyc Net)