(Photo: Flickr)

Bummed about being single on Valentine's Day? Don't be! Even your coupled-up friends secretly wish they were unattached ... if just for the one day! There is so much pressure for couples on the holiday of love that there are actually more perks to being single on Valentine's Day than being attached:

•You don't have to spend money on a gift like overpriced chocolates, flowers or jewelry... so you can spend that money on yourself!

•You don't have to subject yourself to an overpriced, mediocre meal at an overly crowded restaurant. Instead, order your favorite take-out and have a feast!

•You can have a movie marathon while eating your awesome take-out and enjoy your favorite cheesy movies without complaint from anyone!

•If you do feel like getting your flirt on, hit the bars and clubs ... almost everyone there on Valentine's Day is single and ready to mingle! •Comfy pajamas versus skimpy lingerie ... oh and you don't have to shave!