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Researchers from the University of Sussex took 1,500 women, 28-years-old, and asked which they preferred a composer of a short musical melody, or the music maker of something a little more complex…a rock song.

Then were asked if they preferred the composer as a longterm relationship or just a quick roll in the hay. Guess what? In every case women chose the more complex musicians, rockstars, as their “one night stands,” and it was always at the height of fertility.

Why do we all want a little “baby Axl,” but don’t want Rock Dad to stick around to help change the diapers? Dr. Charlton believes is because, “the ability to create complex music could be indicative of advanced cognitive abilities.” Yep. We want smart tots.

The study, published in “The Proceedings of the Royal Society B”, not only makes sense but makes me feel less guilty about wanting to tie Adam Levine to a fence and have my way with him.

The researchers also think it helps prove Charles Darwin’s theory that the prime function of music is to aid sexual courtship. So, turn up the “Guns and Roses” and call your guy over…since now you’re in the mood.