1. They eat three meals a day- "In countries with low obesity rates, people still eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner and live life in between," says Victoria Moran, author of Main Street Vegan. Thin gals don’t fool around with snacking.

2. They eat sit down meal per day- A single slower meal a day, eaten at a real table (not your desk) from actual dishes (not a takeout) is doable, schedule it, and stick with it,


3. They leave a little on their plates- Naturally thin women don't eat everything just because it's there. The key is they stop when they're full.


4. They eat nutritiously most of the time-She may have healthy intentions 24/7, but she also knows that part of being healthy is giving into the occasional indulgence, and not beating yourself up about it after.

5. They let food be food- "They don't expect to get something extra from it--comfort, a friend, an excuse to procrastinate," says Moran.


6. They avoid an all-or-nothing mentality- Just because they have one bon-bon doesn’t mean they will have 10.


7. They get back on track the very next day after overindulging- Everyone has too-much-food days--and the next day, they go back to eating healthy and exercising.

8. They don't have off-limits foods- Instead of banning carbs, or chocolate, etc. naturally thin women make everything fair game. As a result, they aren't tempted to binge.


9. They drink lots of water- It’s less calories than soda, and fills you up, which means you eat less overall. It also keeps your skin clear, so it’s a win-win.

(Source: Yahoo Shine)

(Picture: Flickr)