Don't believe in true love? It might be because of your "How I Met Your Mother" binge. New research in "Psychology of Popular Media Culture" found our views on love may have something to do with what shows we prefer to watch.

According to "New York" magazine, the study at the University of Michigan asked participants how regularly they watched sitcoms and marriage themed reality shows. The participants were then asked to how strongly they believe in statements like “When you meet the right person, you know it almost immediately,” or “My ‘true love’ will be nearly perfect.”


Believe it or not, those who watched "The Bachelor" were more likely to believe in a true, perfect love. People who watched sitcoms like "How I Met Your Mother," not so much. With all the complications and flawed relationships in sitcoms, researchers believe viewers internalize these messages, whether they realize or not. How this translates to the real world is not fact, but romantics tend to report more satisfaction in their relationships.


(Photo: flickr)