For the working woman who finds herself short on time to get dressed, we've got a few pieces of advice:

·                    Keep your accessories by the door: You have a favorite pair of earrings or a watch that you reach for every day.  So why not keep them in a bowl by the front door?  You can reach for them quickly in the morning as you go for your keys — and even save a few precious extra seconds by putting them on in the car on your way to where you’re going.

·                    Use the shower to steam your clothes: Before you get the shower, hang a wrinkly garment on a hanger in the bathroom and keep the door closed. You’ll find the steam helps remove wrinkles from your clothes without the need to take time out to iron.

·                    Make your closet work for you: When you know where everything is, you can reach for it quickly and be on your way. This might mean keeping similar colors together, or like styles such as blazers together, blouses together, dresses together, and so forth.  Especially good if you get up before sunrise.

·                    Make like a schoolgirl and do 'picture day.':  Simply lay out your clothes the night before.  It'll save you a lot of busy-ness during your groggy, just-getting-started morning. 

(Photo: flickr)