Being a single woman in a room filled with partnered up girls can make you feel like you have a disease that everyone else wants to cure. What women who are in a relationship need to realize and remember is that being single is great, and not everyone wants to get married or have a long-term, serious relationship!


And even if you are looking for Mister Right, getting advice or criticism from all your paired up friends is not your idea of a good time. Here are the most common rude comments single women get from their friends and family members who are in a relationship:


- "You are so great, how could you be single?" Um ... does being great suddenly mean you need to be snatched up by a man? Next time tell your friend that you are just holding out for someone who is as equally awesome as you and you won't settle for less.


- "You should really put yourself out there more." How a person spends their free time is none of your business. Going out to bars and singles events does not mean you will magically find your soul mate. Leave the girl alone!


- "By the time I was your age I was already married." Marriage is not everyone's goal in life, and anyway, why does there have to be a timeline or age limit for happily ever after?!


- "It will happen when you least expect it."  The problem with this is that, the more I hear it, the more I start to actually expect it in those instances when I would least expect it! So now I'm in line for the bathroom looking around and thinking, It is on! This pretty much defeats the purpose.


- "You're just too picky." So, lowered standards is what it takes to get a guy. Thanks, but being single sounds better than settling for someone you have no chemistry with.


- "Don't worry you'll find someone." The only person worried is the person saying don't worry! Being single isn't a problem – it's something a lot of women in relationships wish they could be again!


- "There are so many great men out there, how are you not meeting someone?" Maybe we're aren't interested in dating right now, or maybe we are and you've failed to introduce us to this mysterious batch of awesome dudes you know about. Hey, remember us, your token single friend? Hook a woman up!


 (Source: Women'sHealth/ Maggie Parker)