Freckles’ Baseball Babe of the Week!


Charlie Blackmon



(Photo: Colorado Rockies)



(Photo: Twitter/@Chuck_Nazty)


And here is one without the beard..

 (Photo: Jezebel Magazine)




 Colorado Rockies






Right Field



Georgia Tech


27 (July 1, 1986)


Fun Facts


- When back in Atlanta Charlie loves to eat Waffle House and Chick Fil A

- I asked Charlie if he has any pets his answer was, "No pets, because I don't have time for them and I'm responsible enough to realize that. And I'm not going to compromise by getting one of those little foofy dogs"

- Jezebel Magazine named Charlie one of their 50 most beautiful Atlantians of 2013

- Charlie say's the first thing he notices about a woman is if she is a fun person

- You can follow Charlie on Twitter @Chuck_Nazty



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