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Giancarlo Stanton

(Photo: twitter)



(Photo: twitter)


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Miami Marlins






Right Field



 Notre Dame High School (Sherman Oaks) in Los Angeles



24 (November 8, 1989)



Fun Facts


Giancarlo's full name is Giancarlo Cruz-Michael Stanton. Until recently he went by Mike, but decided he should now go by his first name. He also answers to  "Cruz", "Mikey" and "Bigfoot"


 - Giancarlo had accepted a scholarship to play baseball for USC, and received offers from UCLA and UNLV to play football, but decided to play professional baseball after being drafter out of high school


- When it comes to his body, Giancarlo says, "I like that I've been able to maintain a good stomach and chest. Push-ups and sit-ups are my go-to. It is the simplest routine and the best thing to maintain my stomach and chest. I'll do about 100 of each a day, usually when I'm already warmed up. I do 50, 50, 50, 50, then roll out. It takes less than five minutes."


- You can follow Giancarlo on Twitter @Giancarlo818



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