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AJ Ellis



(Photo: Twitter)



(Photo: Twitter)


(Photo: Twitter)



Los Angeles Dodgers









Austin Peay State University



33 (April 9, 1981)


Fun Facts

- AJ stands for Andrew James

- In high school AJ was a sports news anchor for the school's TV production



- On Oct. 12, AJ’ wife, Cindy, gave birth to the couple’s third child in the front seat of their car on Interstate 43 South just outside Milwaukee. AJ–who estimates he was traveling 75 mph down the highway in a futile attempt to make it to the hospital–didn’t even have a chance to pull the vehicle off to the side of the road before the baby arrived. “The doctor she likes is about 30 miles from our house,” said AJ, who makes his home in Milwaukee in the offseason. “But with our other kids she was in labor for hours and hours, so we thought we had plenty of time.” She began screaming at her husband that she didn’t think they were going to make it to the hospital. “And I’m thinking, this is 2012, not the ‘Oregon Trail.’ Of course we’re gonna make it,” AJ said. “So I’m calmly telling her we’re making it. I figured she was just panicking because she was in excruciating pain.” Mom and baby survived the incident unscathed.


- You can follow AJ on Twitter @AJEllis17


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