(Photo: Flickr)

Think you're better than a plant?  More evolved?  Well, our leafy friends may have some lessons to teach us humans. Here are some tips that plants regularly follow, which we should pay attention to:


·     Plenty of water helps plants recover from harsh conditions, and the trick works for us, too.  You can even cure a hangover, or, better still, prevent one, by drinking water in advance.  And lots of water before a meal may help you eat less.


·     You won't find plants overdoing it in direct sunlight: While they can't move around like us, plants seem to know that too much sun isn't good.  So they come equipped with certain cells and other, outer features that help them guard against it.  Dr. Amy Litt, director of plant genomics at the New York Botanical Garden, says, “It’s a much slower response than our stepping out of the sun, but they have the same light requirements that we have.” 


·     Plants 'listen' to their instincts.  We can, too.  Just as certain plants appear to be able to anticipate good or bad environmental factors, humans are equipped to do the same.  It's called following your gut and telling yourself, "This situation might be bad for me."


·     Plants go easy on the salt, which some of them can ingest.  And so should you: Limit your sodium intake, please and thank you.


·     Getting at the root of the problem: Plants use underground networks to warn each other of dangers such as predators. Ever heard the phrase, "No man is an island"?  Let's be a real community and all help each other out.