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Nearly Impossible Trivia: BRANTLEY GILBERT

Brantley is coming back! Are you ready? I have your hook-up on FREE tickets today at 4:10! Just know the ANSWER below and be listening to win! _____ Friday's ANSWER: HAD A...
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Now we know what Peyton Manning will do after retirement...

He's going to be a COUNTRY SINGER! // Only in #Nashville will you find Peyton Manning singing karaoke at a bar: Posted by WKRN-TV Nashville on Tuesday,...
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This is my FAVORITE time of year EVERY year! The week of Sports Entertainment's "SUPERBOWL"!   It's WRESTLEMANIA 32! Sunday, more than 100,000 people will pack into Dallas...
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SPRING BREAK: You don't get arrested...but your CO-PILOT does??

So, it's the end of spring break. At this point, all you want to do is get back home. But, you look out the window and you see what appears to be your pilot (in this case, the co-pilot) being...
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MAKE ME LAUGH: Little Big Shots w/ Steve Harvey

Kids are HILARIOUS! Just watch Steve Harvey interview Johanna.  This girl has got some swag!   { "position1" : { "type" : "artist", "id" : 41086, "name" : "Steve...
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WATCH: Baltimore City School Police Officer BRUTALLY Slaps and Kicks Student

A criminal investigation is now underway after the officer was seen on video slapping and kicking a teenage boy.
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Rory Freek Post Emotional Video 'In The Time That You Gave Me'

'My wife has been asleep for days now and her body is shutting down quickly.'
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AMERICAN IDOL: Is this the final Idol winner?

First, let's get over the comparison to Chris Stapleton. NO ONE is Chris Stapleton except...Chris Stapleton. But, could this be the FINAL American Idol Winner?
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Lady A's Charles Kelley Covering 'Wrecking Ball'

Lady Antebellum's Charles Kelley has been out pushing his solo record. In his spare time, he covers Miley Cyrus!   { "position1" : { "type" : "artist", "id" : 31014060,...
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UBER'S "Big Break"

What happens when a Nashville record label teams up with UBER to give hungry artists their "BIG BREAK"? Check out the video! There's some talented folks ready to be heard!  
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