Beware Of New Gmail Attachment Scam

A phishing scam that has fooled many tech savvy people is spreading on Gmail. There is a way to protect yourself.

Normally, you can tell a fake link or website by grammatical mistakes, but this latest scam is pretty polished. So, there is one real way to see through it.

The scam works by sending an email, which may look real, with an attachment. You open the attachment and suddenly, you are asked to sign back in to Gmail. Don’t do it! 

Instead, immediately look at the web address. If, instead of "https," you see a URL that starts with "data:text/html," followed by " then stop right there. You can always tell you are secure by the green key before the web address. And the “https” means it is a secure site.

Now you know. Keep safe.

Source: Bustle

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