Group Of Friends Help Find Lost Five-Year-Old With Autism

When a five-year-old with autism was separated from his mom while hiking in the woods, a group of teens nearby helped bring him back safely. The Hudson Police Department in Massachusetts had already called in police dogs and requested help from a helicopter to search for the missing boy, but these kids found him first.

The group of friends was playing in the woods when they came across the child and knowing a kid this young shouldn’t be alone in the woods, they asked if he needed help. He was soaked from falling in the water and dazed, but the unidentified five-year-old told them he was lost, so they walked him back to safety.

“Chief Burks and the Hudson Police Department would like to thank a group of young men who located a five year old boy who was lost in the woods of Danforth Lot today,” the Hudson Police Department posted on their Facebook page. “Thanks to these fine young men for noticing something wasn’t right and then stepping up to help. GREAT JOB! #greatkids.”



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