Mom Of Seven Donates Kidney To Co-Worker

When Christine Higbee found out her coworker at Lowe’s needed a kidney, she didn’t think twice about offering to donate hers. The 45-year-old mother of seven from Venice, Florida, was a match and she successfully donated her kidney to her 26-year-old colleague, Zack Pacyna, who had a genetic kidney disease called Alport Syndrome.

“I said, heck, he can have one of mine,” Higbee says. “I have seven kids — if I need one, I can borrow one of theirs.”

The pair had the operation last December and everything went well. They’re sharing their story now because April is National Donate Life Month, and they want to raise awareness. “People need to know that it’s not a big deal,” Higbee explains.

Photo:  Fox13

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