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No. 1 running back commits to UGA

Zamir White is the top rated running back in the country. He is coming out of Scotland County High School in North Carolina and headed to the University of Georgia. Zamir's other options were North Carolina, Alabama, Ohio State, and Clemson, but Zamir decided he wanted to be a bulldog. He still has to finish his high school career before headed to Athens but he will be joining the team for the 2018 season. (11alive)


Green Coffee" Might Be The Next Trendy Drink

There’s always something new brewing in the world of coffee and if you like getting in on new trends early, you might want to start sipping green coffee. At this summer’s Fancy Food Show, an event that showcases new and emerging foods from around the world this beverage was front and center.

Green coffee gets its name because it’s made with unroasted coffee beans, so they still have their green color. The brew is a light, almost translucent green shade, but don’t let that fool you - it’s got more caffeine than regular coffee!

And since the beans aren’t roasted, they don’t lose as much of the chlorogenic acid they naturally have and that’s a good thing because research has linked that chemical to health benefits like weight loss and reducing body fat.

The Fancy Food Show displayed Sunup brand green coffee, which is made with a little organic cane sugar, so it’s not too sweet. And they don’t use preservatives or additives, so it’s nice and natural. So if you want to be a trend-setter, order yours soon, because we’ll probably start seeing more green coffee in the future.

Source: Food and Wine



Get the tissues ready for this one because you're going to need them.

Bill Conner is on a 2,000-mile bicycle ride from his home in Madison, Wisconsin, to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, in the hopes of raising money and awareness for organ donation.

Conner's long journey is in honor of his late 20-year-old daughter, Abigail, who died in a hotel pool in Cancun, Mexico, last winter. The family decided to donate her organs, and so far there are four men who have received her life-saving organs.

On his way to Florida, Connor stopped off in Louisiana to meet the 21-year-old man who received Abigail's heart.

Loumonth Jack Jr. suffered a heart attack and needed a transplant to survive. Abigail's heart was a perfect match and the transplant was a success. Video was rolling as the two men met with a long hug and lots of tears.

Things then got really emotional when Jack presented Connor with a stethoscope so that he could listen to Abigail's heart beating. (People)

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