Thomas Rhett's Life Changes Is Available Now

Thomas Rhett releases his third album, Life Changes, today.

He says he drew the inspiration for its 14 songs from different genres.

"If you listen all the way through, you will not hear a song that really relates to another. It's very sporadic, all over the place which kind of represents my brain right now."

“I have been living with these songs for two years. I’ve had a chance to hate them and then a chance to love them,” he says. “The rest of the world, it’s scary because a lot of people may only give the record one chance.” He worries that if he doesn’t impress those folks during that one chance, “maybe that person might not ever listen to your music.” 

But even though he’s nervous, Thomas is pretty sure fans will love the record, calling it the “best, most clever writing that I think I’ve done.” He adds “So I know my fans are gonna love it because if they traveled with me from the first record to the second record, then they can travel with me from two to three.”

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