Kenny Chesney To Raise Money For Hurricane Victims

Last week, Hurricane Irma tore through Kenny Chesney's home away from home, the Virgin Islands.

He has long had a home on the island of St. John, and while Kenny wasn't there to experience the devastating storm, his house was put to good use. He chatted about what happened during a recent interview, revealing that 20 of his closest island friends and their dogs took refuge inside his vacation home during the storm.

Although Kenny assumed his home would be a safe place for his friends, it turns out the house is "just simply gone" now. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the process.

Now, Kenny has set up a fund to raise money for the Virgin Islands, calling it the Love for Love City Foundation.

Although Kenny does plan to rebuild, he says it won't happen until everybody else gets to rebuild.

When Kenny isn't out on the road, he's usually somewhere on a boat in the Caribbean. 

The No Shoes Nation has been able to raise lots of money for different causes in the past. Hopefully. it will be the same this time.

Kenny is using his private plane to send water and dog food down to the islands.

Kenny plans to have a fundraiser of some sort -- either a concert or an album -- to raise money to help those devastated by Hurricane Irma.

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