You Choose The News - Tuesday 9/19/17

Dad Ships Sliced Mangos To Daughter After She Forgot Them - Jason's Pick (WINNER)

College life can be chaotic.  So it’s easy to forget just how good it was to be living under your parents’ roof. Cecilia Li, 19, received a sweet reminder of that in the mail. After spending a weekend at home with her parents, she had to head back to college for classes.

During the long drive back, Li remembered she had left behind the mango her dad had sliced for her and packed neatly in a Tupperware container. Mango is her favorite fruit, but it was too to turn around.

Her father dutifully said he’d ship the mangoes to her apartment overnight winning him the title of “Dad of the Year”.

Woman Survives Mugging By Faking Seizure – Kristen’s Pick

Some people may think TV is a waste of time and good for nothing, but for Californian Julie Dragland, it may have just saved her life.

The 32-year-old was riding the BART train in San Francisco when someone dropped a note in her lap telling her that they had two guns pointed at her back and they would shoot if she didn’t hand over her wallet and phone. She tried to get the attention of a nearby passenger by mouthing the words “help me” but was unsuccessful and they person got off the train.

That’s when Julie remembered a scene from her favorite drama “Law & Order” where a person faked a seizure to foil a mugging. “I probably looked very ridiculous,” she told the “San Francisco Chronicle.” “I slumped sideways and started shaking and crying. I closed my eyes and increased the vigor so people would pay attention.”

And while it may have looked ridiculous, it worked, because soon a couple came over to ask her if she was okay, which allowed her to pass them the note and the mugger got off the train at the next stop.

She did report the incident to cops, but unfortunately no suspect was caught. Police are looking at surveillance footage to try and find out who was behind the mugging although Dragland wants to move on with her life and doesn’t plan to press charges.

Kansas City Man Drops $3G Diamond Ring Into Pond During Proposal - Producer JD's Pick

This poor guy in Missouri was  hoping to spend the rest of his life with his girlfriend.  His beautiful proposal was ruined when he ended up swimming in an algae-filled pond to desperately search for the $3,000 diamond ring he dropped during his proposal.

The diamond ring popped out of the tiny box he was holding and fell through the slats of a wooden bridge.  He said it ping-ponged from one plank to another…and then you could hear a little plop.

So he went into the muddy water to try and find the ring.

He said, “there was so much mud and nasty algae. There were sticks going between my toes. Not my cup of tea, but I didn’t want to leave without the ring. Then it was just getting too dark. And the flashlight was dying.”

The couple went back the next day and hired a man with a metal detector to locate the ring – with no luck.

The couple eventually went to church later that Sunday where attendees decided to join in on the search after hearing about the couple’s story. About 25 people helped search for it.

The search turned up empty. Dixon is now ring-less and still making payments for the stone.

The couple is planning on getting married on Oct. 21 and said they are still “trying to figure it out.

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