Student Invents Device To Protect His School

After the recent school shooting in Florida, a high school student in Wisconsin was inspired to invent something in his shop class that could save lives in a crisis like that. Justin Rivard, a senior at Somerset High School, created something he calls the “JustinKase,” and it just slips under a classroom door and latches to the door’s jam.

The JustinKase is made of steel plates and connecting rods and so far, Justin hasn’t found anyone who can push a classroom door open when it’s in place. He even tried it with linemen from his high school football team. It works so well, his school has ordered 50 of them, one for every classroom.

"You can lock a door with a lock, it can get shot out," Justin says. "You can lock a door with this, it can't get shot out. You can't get around it."

Fox Business did an awesome story about it.  Check it out below...

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